Why I Blog

One of the questions I get asked a lot is why I have a blog. I don’t run any ads, so it’s not all about income. I don’t have a lot of readers (though I appreciate each and every one of you) so it’s not about all about my ego. I don’t have my own business, so it’s not all about pushing my own agenda. But there are still a few reasons why I have a new post up every Monday, and this is where I explain what they are.

First and foremost, I love the topics I write about. In my opinion, there’s absolutely no point having a blog if you’re not passionate about whatever is on it. My blog gives me a way for me to express how I feel about web/tech/design/etc in an open, flexible kind of way, and that’s a really big reason why I keep it up.

Another major reason is that I noticed a pattern in my life. Something new and cool would come out (let’s use Google Wave as the example here, because that was the last straw) and I would end up talking about it with a lot of people — say ten for the sake of this point. By the second or third time I’d discussed Wave, I had a pretty good handle on how I felt about it, and the seven or eight times after that I was just repeating myself. Having a blog gives me a chance to publish my feelings about a new technology once, and share that post with anyone who wants to know how I feel about it. Furthermore, the discussions I have will tend to happen in the comments rather than email/IM/in person so they too are now open to more people. This is the most valuable aspect of blogging from my perspective; to write-once, share as needed and promote an open discussion rather than many closed ones.

A third reason I blog is that I really enjoy writing. This is a skill I spent a huge chunk of my life improving while in school, only to completely stop doing it once I finished university. After a couple of years, I really started to miss it and keeping a blog going gives me an excellent excuse to regularly exercise my literary skills.

Finally, another benefit I’ve found is the connections I make. I’ve met other interesting bloggers through them finding me on my blog, and similarly when I find someone else interesting there’s always a chance they’ll be into what I’m writing as well. This also gives people I meet another way to keep in touch, especially acquaintances I meet through work-realted events who are probably more interested in what I have to say about HTML 5 than anything I do on LinkedIn.

So that’s why I keep writing. This blog has been running since October 2009, and I don’t plan to stop updating it anytime soon.