User Experience Begins at Step One

For this week’s post, I decided I would play around with the Internet Explorer 9 beta and post some initial thoughts. I’m a bit of a browser geek, and as I mentioned back in April, I’m excited about IE9. I imagined I’d have a great time exploring the support for HTML5 and CSS3, and playing […]

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Modern YouTube meets Retro Firefox

A quick bonus-Friday-post to help get your Friday rolling: I’m doing some web development at my day job for a site that simply must work in Firefox 1. It’s not as bad as it sounds (we’re also supporting IE6, which is a far bigger hassle) and every once in a while using a really old […]

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The Case for Hot Zones

This post is a playful reply to Marco’s thoughts on the iPad. I’m not trying to say that he’s wrong (he brings up a perfectly valid usability issue), just that there are two sides to every coin. Update: A more fleshed out version of my thoughts on this topic is available on my company blog. […]

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And the Clocks Keep Unwinding

I haven’t prepared a “real” post for this week. Instead, I offer you an excuse, an idea and an interesting problem — unrelated, but in that order. I’m awful at writing exams. I wrote my Flex 3 with AIR ACE exam on Friday. I passed :) Unfortunately, this meant devoting every ounce of my being […]

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Are you Selling Winter Tires or Customer Experience?

Note: This article was re-editing and re-posted on the Macadamian blog. In Canada, right around when the first major snowfall hits, all the last-minute drivers bring their cars into Canadian Tire to get their snow tires put on. Pop Quiz: If you were managing a Canadian Tire, what would you say you’re selling? The obvious […]

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