Dan’s Seven-Step Guide to Being More Productive

Do you ever have trouble focusing?

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Your Three-Step Plan for Getting Out of a Slump

My softball team won our first playoff game last night. It went to extra innings, and we just barely managed to eek out a win against a very strong team. Everyone was excited that we won, but I was a little more thankful than the rest of us… You see, I’m in a slump. My […]

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Do As Much As You Can (Even When You Can’t Do Very Much)

It’s easy to blow off responsibilities when you’re busy. It’s easy to care less about something when your attention is constantly in demand. It’s easy to skip a recurring task — just this one time — and make it up next week. But by doing any of the above, you’re cheating yourself. And you owe […]

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Productivity Hack: Killer Mondays

Monday is my new favourite day of the week. Most people hate Mondays. My commute this past Monday was full of unhappy, sleepy faces. I used to be like them. Barely awake, I’d drag myself on and off the bus, and proceed to have a slow morning followed by a marginally faster afternoon. Then I […]

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Focus on the Frisbee

I had my mid-term review at work last week. This is a meeting where I meet with my manager, and we discuss my accomplishments, goals, strengths and weaknesses over the past six months (we have a similar year-end review in the fall). I won’t brag about the great things I’ve done this year, or how […]

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Three Ways to Suck at your TODO List

“You should have more images on your site.”“I know! That’s next.” Next. Next is a giant TODO list of great ideas. A new design, some WordPress plugins to check out, that brilliant idea for a killer webapp. And you know what? I suck at Next. I have no problem adding things to my TODO list, […]

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