Instant AngularJS Starter

Have you heard of AngularJS? It’s a Javascript framework that’s picked up some serious momentum over the past few months. And it’s not hard to see why! I wrote a post about why I think it’s great back in July (now the most popular post on this blog, by the way), and it’s gotten even […]

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Things that are Awesome about AngularJS

This post was so popular I wrote a book about ramping up on AngularJS. It’s available in eBook and paperback if you’d like a copy. We host talks at Netflix every Monday, and today’s talk was from a couple of Google employees that work on AngularJS — one of those new-fangled Javascript frameworks (like Ember, […]

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Contact Forms are Totally Lame

Remember the mid-to-late 90’s? Music was awesome, there were less browsers to support, and people got spammed to death if they posted their email address online. Having your email address posted online was the worst thing that could happen to you. We didn’t have spam filters back then. You would get so much unmanageable spam […]

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No Love for <noscript>

I’m currently implementing a web front-end that has to work in a very secure environment. One of the things we can’t count on is that users will have JavaScript enabled, simply because it’s often a vector of attack on the web. While this has been a great learning experience overall, last Tuesday I learned a […]

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