Things that are Awesome about AngularJS

This post was so popular I wrote a book about ramping up on AngularJS. It’s available in eBook and paperback if you’d like a copy. We host talks at Netflix every Monday, and today’s talk was from a couple of Google employees that work on AngularJS — one of those new-fangled Javascript frameworks (like Ember, […]

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Brand New Adobe

Adobe is changing. The once-great giant of web and web tools has fallen, and is poised to rise again — albeit in a much different form. What does this mean for us web developers? For starters, let’s go over some recent news. Adobe made three major announcements in the past six weeks that will have […]

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My SenchaCon Hackathon Entry

The last day of SenchaCon was a hackathon, where everyone that stuck around (probably over 100 people) grouped together and hacked away to see who could make the coolest one-day project. There were a LOT of great apps, and several came away with cash and prizes (all of it very well earned!). Not featured in […]

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How to Make a Colour Selector with HTML5 Canvas

Over the weekend, I attended HackOTT, a hackathon here in Ottawa that encouraged everyone to play around with some neat third-party APIs. It was a lot of fun seeing the awesome apps everyone came up with, and even though we didn’t get to demo, I’m happy with how much I learned. My team was comprised […]

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Elsewhere: HTML5 and Browser Testing

I wrote a couple of posts for work last week: On our company tech blog, I examined a few different options for testing multiple versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. And on the main company blog, I’ve summed up the current state of HTML5. Hopefully those will be of interest to you if you’re into […]

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Why HTML5 Makes Sense for Mobile

These days there are more and more mobile devices that support rich software applications. Since the iPhone, we’ve seen the Blackberry, the Palm Pre and Android all start their own app stores, and surely Windows Phone 7 won’t be far behind. With all of these options, how do you decide which ones to develop software […]

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The Present and Future of Flash

Adobe Flash is at an interesting point in its existence. For about a decade, it was the only way to get rich, dynamic content onto the web. If it was the year 2001 and you wanted a really sleek UI, or video, or any kind of animation, Flash was your best bet — it was […]

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