We Live in a Communication Age

Suppose the year is 1990, and you have some big news to share with those close to you and the world in general. How can you do it? There are a few ways: In person Over the phone In a mailed letter Through a printed announcement (say, in a newspaper) Fast forward to today, a […]

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Are Google Wave invites to blame for recent Hotmail/Gmail phishing attacks?

I have no idea how the recent Hotmail/Gmail account compromises actually took place. What follows is a simple hypothesis based on a somewhat embarrassing anecdote. Like many of you, I am currently waiting for an invite to Google Wave. Imagine my joy when this came across my inbox one Tuesday morning: Subject: Google Wave invite […]

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Does Chrome Frame do more harm than good?

There’s been a bit of buzz around the web lately after Google proposed a solution to the IE6 problem in Chrome Frame. While it seems like a great idea up front, there’s actually quite a bit of controversy behind whether or not this is a valid solution. Read on for a quick summary of anything […]

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