We Still Haven’t Solved Search

Pictured above is what I see when I search “What time is tomorrow’s Giants game?” on Google. It’s terrible. Look at the sidebar on the left. What does it say for location? San Jose, CA. And where are the top two results? New York. Nearly 3000 miles away. The next two hits have the right […]

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Browser Trivia Tuesday

I haven’t forgotten about that Windows Phone post. It’s coming. This is a small interlude while I get it juuust right. Every Tuesday for the past four weeks, I’ve written up some super-geeky browser trivia on Google+. If upcoming jQuery releases and Opera are your thing, you should follow along! The posts are public, you […]

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Why Google+ is Going to Succeed

It’s official, I’m making a call: Google+ is going to work out just fine. I know there are plenty of skeptics out there, so let’s go ahead and address the most common concerns: Common Concern #1: Google+ can’t compete with Facebook. The idea: Facebook is too popular, and a new network like Google+ won’t gain […]

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The Playbook is being Marketed to Fail

I don’t think this iteration of the BlackBerry Playbook will do very well, and I blame RIM’s marketing team. If you’re not sure what the Playbook is, let me explain — and thank you for proving my point. The BlackBerry Playbook is a tablet computer released last week by Research In Motion, the company behind […]

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Ottawa Google Hackathon Wrap-up

I spent my Saturday with some awesome people, hacking together an HTML5 webapp. We were at the Ottawa Google Hackathon; a Google-sponsored event held at the University of Ottawa. Here’s a run-down of how it went from my perspective: Free Bagels! This was the first thing I (everyone) saw when they walked in: a table […]

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Thinking About SEO Makes Me Dizzy

You know what I find confusing? Search engine optimization (SEO). Let me explain what that is in case you don’t already know: A brief introduction to search engines. Say you run a website that sells aprons. When you first publish your website online, it automatically gets indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, and […]

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Modern YouTube meets Retro Firefox

A quick bonus-Friday-post to help get your Friday rolling: I’m doing some web development at my day job for a site that simply must work in Firefox 1. It’s not as bad as it sounds (we’re also supporting IE6, which is a far bigger hassle) and every once in a while using a really old […]

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Bears, Skittles and Google Buzz

Google Buzz is like a laser gun that turns bears into Skittles. That’s what I tell people when they ask me about Google Buzz. Much to my surprise, even without any further explanation they’re often less confused than they were to begin with. That alone tells you something about Buzz (it’s purpose is murky at […]

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Software is all about Context

Context is a very important factor in software development. Knowing the conditions under which your software will be used is an integral part of crafting a positive experience for your users. Many companies take this to heart and create truly engaging software that really connects with its users, but the vast majority miss the mark. […]

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An Excellent Use-Case for Google Wave

Yes, another post about being engaged (it’s kind of this week’s theme). I promise this will be the last one, at least for a while; there are just a lot of interesting thoughts coming out of planning a wedding. We’ll resume our regular totally-non-marital posts at one per week on Monday. I’ve been meaning to […]

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