My SenchaCon Hackathon Entry

The last day of SenchaCon was a hackathon, where everyone that stuck around (probably over 100 people) grouped together and hacked away to see who could make the coolest one-day project. There were a LOT of great apps, and several came away with cash and prizes (all of it very well earned!).

Not featured in the winners list is the app I made, because I missed the submission deadline by about twenty minutes. All this because I lost far too much time debugging issues with HTML5’s native drag-and-drop API. (I was planning on writing a rant about it, but Quirksmode beat me to the punch.)

In any event, I’ve uploaded the incredibly raw creation, and you can now play my simple HTML5 Video Puzzle Game. I only tested in Chrome, but it seems to run alright in the latest Aurora build of Firefox. Basically the app loads up an HTML5 video, slices it into 16 canvases, and scrambles the pieces. Your job is to re-arrange them by dragging them back into place (using HTML5’s native drag-and-drop, of course).

It’s really, really unpolished. I spent all of about 8 seconds on the styling, and there are a lot of features that are complete but inaccessible (like slicing the video into more pieces). I might try to fix it up later.

Anyway, the whole day was a lot of fun, just like the rest of the conference. It would be awesome to go again next year. We’ll see!

Until then, happy hacking, all my fellow attendees!

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  1. Ha, that was really fun and a lot harder than I thought it would be.

  2. Awesome, well done! Works great on chrome for Mac, not at all on Android 2.3; google still have work to do there

  3. Great app and idea! Fun and frustrating at the same time!

  4. Very cool!

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys!

    I seem to have taken a shining to hackathons — I’ve already signed up for another. It’s a mere 2 weeks away, and right here in Ottawa:

    Can’t wait!

  6. Wow awesome! Incredibly fun.

  7. Finally got around to playing this, it’s pretty fun! I think I’ve seen it appear on most people’s screens at Sencha HQ so you’ve made a good impression there :)

  8. That’s so cool! I’m glad you’re all enjoying it. Consider it my little gift in return for throwing an awesome conference :)