1. JSConf 2015 — Three Talks I’m Psyched to Attend
  2. Refresh
  3. Goodbye Google Reader
  4. Motivation Hack: Lock Screen Reminders
  5. Instant AngularJS Starter
  6. Why I Adore my Lumia 920
  7. Effective Code Review (OSCON 2012)
  8. Things that are Awesome about AngularJS
  9. Some Thoughts on Recruiting
  10. We Still Haven’t Solved Search
  11. High School Students Make Great App Developers
  12. Sencha Touch and PhoneGap Webinar
  13. The Best and Worst Thing about Loving your Job…
  14. Why I Switched to Windows Phone, Part 1.5
  15. Life in California
  16. What Earth Hour Taught Me About Branding
  17. Move Update
  18. To the Edge of the World
  19. Dan’s Seven-Step Guide to Being More Productive
  20. Browser Trivia Tuesday
  21. Why I Switched to Windows Phone, Part One
  22. Gone Skatin’
  23. How to Learn Anything
  24. What Should the Software Industry be Known For?
  25. Elsewhere: How to Handle Browser Differences on iPhone and iPad
  26. Interviewed by Chris Brogan
  27. How Do You Fight Starvation?
  28. You Know Better Than That
  29. Brand New Adobe
  30. What Does 6 Months of Developer-Effort Look Like?
  31. The Key Skill that Makes for a Great Software Architect
  32. My SenchaCon Hackathon Entry
  33. Speaking at SenchaCon 2011
  34. Back from Europe
  35. Classics Week #3: Opera vs Reality
  36. Classics Week #2: Make Every Day New Year’s Eve
  37. Classics Week #1: What Photography and Programming have in Common
  38. Europa!
  39. Wicked Hacks for your Mac
  40. Achievement Unlocked: Publish 109 Posts
  41. Motivation Hack: Make Annoying Tasks Fun!
  42. Is Firefox Past its Prime?
  43. Your Three-Step Plan for Getting Out of a Slump
  44. Good and Bad Examples of Localization
  45. Avdi and I Discuss Remote Working
  46. Do As Much As You Can (Even When You Can’t Do Very Much)
  47. Why Google+ is Going to Succeed
  48. Browser Innovation Occurs in Cycles
  49. Happy Canada Day!
  50. The Tipping Point
  51. Productivity Hack: Killer Mondays
  52. Focus on the Frisbee
  53. On Hiatus until June
  54. Three Ways to Suck at your TODO List
  55. The Internet as Ambition Amplifier
  56. The Problem with Instant News, starring Osama bin Laden
  57. The Playbook is being Marketed to Fail
  58. aaand crash.
  59. Find me at MIX 2011!
  60. Creating Software isn’t a Job…
  61. The End of The Month
  62. How do you Describe Software?
  63. Productivity Hack: Still Learning Edition
  64. How to Make a Colour Selector with HTML5 Canvas
  65. Unbroken Promise Month
  66. Productivity Hack: Small Victories
  67. Meta Notes, Blogging Edition
  68. Just Browsing
  69. What Your 16-Hour Workday Says About You!
  70. Ottawa Google Hackathon Wrap-up
  71. The Golden Rule of Web Design Implementation, Part 2
  72. The Golden Rule of Web Design Implementation, Part 1
  73. “Newspapers Have No Future”
  74. Contact Forms are Totally Lame
  75. Great Advice about New Year’s Resolutions
  76. Should You Support Classic Features or Should You Innovate?
  77. Loose Ends
  78. All I Want for Christmas is a Mute Button
  79. No Love for <noscript>
  80. Re-Thinking Browser Buttons
  81. The Karma Experiment
  82. Windows Phone 7
  83. Security B-Sides Ottawa
  84. OCRI Fall 2010 Day 2
  85. More on Being Untouchable
  86. Motivation Hack: Be Untouchable
  87. Friday Update
  88. How to Give Useful Advice
  89. Thinking About SEO Makes Me Dizzy
  90. OCRI: Fall 2010 Kickoff
  91. Building an Audience with Feature Pieces
  92. Twelve Months Past, Twelve Months Ahead
  93. Chosen Words
  94. User Experience Begins at Step One
  95. Productivity Hack: Find Yourself a Canary
  96. What Strippers can Teach us About Transparency
  97. What Happens in Vegas…
  98. Don’t be a NAMCO
  99. Elsewhere: HTML5 and Browser Testing
  100. Be Your Own Ambassador
  101. How Much Longer will it Take?
  102. The iPad Dilemma, Revisited
  103. Varied Goals: Not SMART, but Still Effective
  104. Modern YouTube meets Retro Firefox
  105. How to Make Use of Open Type Fonts (Windows)
  106. How to Learn Twice as Much from Blog Posts
  107. Rules are Made to be Not Strictly Followed
  108. Motivation Overflow
  109. Ottawa High School Technology Program Winter 2010 Wrap-up
  110. What Photography and Programming have in Common
  111. Make Web not War
  112. The Content-Sharing Problem
  113. iPads and Mondays
  114. The Case for Hot Zones
  115. Software Bundles, Independent Developers, and More!
  116. How to Promote a Mall in the Year 2010
  117. A Cool always-on-top Keyboard Toggle and a Lesson in Software Tool Development
  118. Make Every Day New Year’s Eve
  119. Internet Explorer 9
  120. The Breakfast Experiment
  121. Improving Performance in Flex and Scaling BlazeDS
  122. And the Clocks Keep Unwinding
  123. Bears, Skittles and Google Buzz
  124. Why HTML5 Makes Sense for Mobile
  125. When not to Write a Post
  126. Software is all about Context
  127. New Page: Why I Blog
  128. The Present and Future of Flash
  129. The iPad Dilemma
  130. Design Blogs I Follow
  131. An Excellent Use-Case for Google Wave
  132. We Live in a Communication Age
  133. I’m Engaged
  134. Why I don’t hate Internet Explorer 8 (not that I’d ever use it)
  135. IE4 was the Best Version of Internet Explorer Ever
  136. iPhone OS 4.0 Predictions
  137. Opera vs Reality
  138. One Post Per Week
  139. My Involvement with OCRI
  140. Happy Holidays!
  141. Are you Selling Winter Tires or Customer Experience?
  142. Update Much?
  143. Adobe “gets” Integration
  144. Two things we can learn from the Left 4 Dead 2 Demo release debacle
  145. What is a Font Stack?
  146. What Makes for a Good Domain Name?
  147. Are Google Wave invites to blame for recent Hotmail/Gmail phishing attacks?
  148. Does Chrome Frame do more harm than good?