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The Best and Worst Thing about Loving your Job…

…is that it’s very easy to do it for 14 hours/day.

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Why I Switched to Windows Phone, Part 1.5

I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting for part two of this series. I’m going to publish it eventually! It’s not an easy post to write, and I had to scrap another draft an hour ago. Someday… In the meantime, I present a follow-up to part one, where we discussed the absurd price […]

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Life in California

I don’t have a post today because I’ve written twelve posts for another blog in the past two days. What is this other blog, you ask? Why, it’s my new Tumblr, where I will be posting short, frequent updates about life here in California. I’ve been meaning to write more about the move and the […]

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What Earth Hour Taught Me About Branding

(Earth Hour happens every March 30th. People like me turn off their lights and gadgets for an hour because they feel super-guilty for leaving them on all the time.) The single best example of building a brand that I’ve ever seen happened during Earth Hour 2009. I was on a date with my now-wife, and […]

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