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What Should the Software Industry be Known For?

I was talking with my friend Marc today. He’s a mechanical engineer (and a damn good one) and we were talking about work. He said something that kind of surprised me: “Sometimes I wish mechanical engineering companies were more like software companies.” All through school, and even in the workplace, I’ve heard software engineering compared […]

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Elsewhere: How to Handle Browser Differences on iPhone and iPad

I wrote a post for the company blog this week. It’s about how we’ve reached a point with mobile Safari where different versions have different functionality. Is this a problem? What can we do about it? Find out on the Macadamian blog!

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Interviewed by Chris Brogan

In case you didn’t hear about it on Twitter or Google+ or from me jumping up and down and yelling out loud, I was interviewed the other day by Chris Brogan: We talked about mobile websites, and went over the basics for businesses looking to get into the mobile web space. I tried my best […]

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How Do You Fight Starvation?

Do you know how a computer decides what to do when you’re listening to music while browsing Facebook with a half-written blog post tucked way down your alt-tab order? It uses a scheduling algorithm, of course. Some little process inside your operating system looks at all the applications you’re running, and decides when to spend […]

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