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You Know Better Than That

In grade six, everyone thought I was smart. I’m not smart. Anyone who watched me struggle through university can tell you that. Smart kids get scholarships. Smart kids ace exams. Smart kids get good grades. I’m not smart. But in grade six, I was still doing alright in school, and people still thought I was […]

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Brand New Adobe

Adobe is changing. The once-great giant of web and web tools has fallen, and is poised to rise again — albeit in a much different form. What does this mean for us web developers? For starters, let’s go over some recent news. Adobe made three major announcements in the past six weeks that will have […]

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What Does 6 Months of Developer-Effort Look Like?

Well, a little something like this: Beautiful, isn’t it? This is a cloud of the most commonly used words in my timesheet entries for a project I worked on over a six-month period. (When you work at a services company, you have to log all your time using archaic worklog software that only works properly […]

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The Key Skill that Makes for a Great Software Architect

Software architects are a strange breed. They obsess over code quality. They can’t explain anything without a whiteboard. They adore design patterns that most of us have never even heard of. When the project is in trouble, they swoop in and save the day. And they constantly reject my patches. But I’m thankful for that […]

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