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Classics Week #1: What Photography and Programming have in Common

This post is part of the Classics Week(s) feature, which will run for three weeks while I’m off overseas. It’s the first of three posts from the early days of the blog, dug up from the archive and polished ’til good as new! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to share with you a tale of […]

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Later today I shall board a plane bound for Europe. I won’t be back for a full three weeks. But fear not! While I’m out gallivanting about, amidst fine architecture and breathtaking scenery, you will not be left without updates. Introducing Classics Week(s) It occurred to me that this blog has been around for a […]

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Wicked Hacks for your Mac

I’ve been using a Mac at work for the past few months. It’s refreshing. My first computer that was actually my very own computer was an iBook (G3) back in 2003 or so. I loved it. I downloaded all kinds of software to make it do interesting things (or do boring things in interesting ways), […]

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Achievement Unlocked: Publish 109 Posts

I didn’t realize it at the time, but back in July (oops) this blog saw it’s one-hundredth post! Sadly, this milestone wasn’t marked by a thoughtful piece about the current state of Firefox or a bold prediction about Google+ — my one-hundredth post was me wishing my fellow Canadians a happy day of patronage. Not […]

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