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Motivation Hack: Make Annoying Tasks Fun!

Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes it can cause us to complete wildly-improbable tasks, other times it can cause us to dread even the simplest of chores. The software I’m creating at work has one such chore. Our application interacts with a complex, proprietary, and highly-secure server. One of the consequences of this pattern is […]

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Is Firefox Past its Prime?

A few weeks ago, in a post about why Google+ is going to succeed, I noted that Google Chrome has been on an upward trend of about .5–1% per month since it launched nearly two years ago. While I didn’t mention it at the time, Firefox has an interesting usage graph as well. If you […]

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Your Three-Step Plan for Getting Out of a Slump

My softball team won our first playoff game last night. It went to extra innings, and we just barely managed to eek out a win against a very strong team. Everyone was excited that we won, but I was a little more thankful than the rest of us… You see, I’m in a slump. My […]

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Good and Bad Examples of Localization

I bought some opera tickets online the other day. For an opera in Vienna. The website that took care of the booking was in German by default, but provided an English option. Being a web developer that specializes in building user interfaces, this intrigued me. You see, I’ve spent a fair amount of time worrying […]

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