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Avdi and I Discuss Remote Working

In case you missed it on Twitter and Google+, I was interviewed recently by Avdi Grimm for the Wide Teams Podcast. Here’s a link to the interview: In the interview, Avdi and I discuss what it’s like developing software with geographically dispersed teams, and how we make this work every day at Macadamian. Give […]

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Do As Much As You Can (Even When You Can’t Do Very Much)

It’s easy to blow off responsibilities when you’re busy. It’s easy to care less about something when your attention is constantly in demand. It’s easy to skip a recurring task — just this one time — and make it up next week. But by doing any of the above, you’re cheating yourself. And you owe […]

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Why Google+ is Going to Succeed

It’s official, I’m making a call: Google+ is going to work out just fine. I know there are plenty of skeptics out there, so let’s go ahead and address the most common concerns: Common Concern #1: Google+ can’t compete with Facebook. The idea: Facebook is too popular, and a new network like Google+ won’t gain […]

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Browser Innovation Occurs in Cycles

Who are the most innovative browser-makers right now? If you’re hip and trendy, you’ll probably say Google (and you’re right). If you’re a bit of a techie, I bet you’ll say Mozilla (also a good choice). And if you’re an honest web developer, you’ll say Microsoft (equally correct). I’m sure there’s enough flamebait in that […]

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Happy Canada Day!

Whether you’re sitting at home because you’re not into crowds, or you’re nursing a hangover from starting the party a night early, or you don’t even observe my favourite holiday, I’ve got just the thing to make your afternoon a little better. One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read went up exactly a […]

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