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The Tipping Point

What are the steps in learning a new skill? First you hear about it. You think, hey, that’s something I could do! And you set about learning everything you can about the subject. You’re limited by knowledge. You don’t know how to write an iPhone app/design a website/golf anywhere near par, so you watch others […]

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Productivity Hack: Killer Mondays

Monday is my new favourite day of the week. Most people hate Mondays. My commute this past Monday was full of unhappy, sleepy faces. I used to be like them. Barely awake, I’d drag myself on and off the bus, and proceed to have a slow morning followed by a marginally faster afternoon. Then I […]

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Focus on the Frisbee

I had my mid-term review at work last week. This is a meeting where I meet with my manager, and we discuss my accomplishments, goals, strengths and weaknesses over the past six months (we have a similar year-end review in the fall). I won’t brag about the great things I’ve done this year, or how […]

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