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On Hiatus until June

A lot of exciting things have happened recently. Most notably, my wife and I have bought and moved into our first house. It’s a townhouse, just built, in a quaint suburb near downtown Ottawa. We’re in love. With all the pre-move hassles, the moving pains and the post-move responsibilities, I’ve decided to take a quick […]

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Three Ways to Suck at your TODO List

“You should have more images on your site.”“I know! That’s next.” Next. Next is a giant TODO list of great ideas. A new design, some WordPress plugins to check out, that brilliant idea for a killer webapp. And you know what? I suck at Next. I have no problem adding things to my TODO list, […]

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The Internet as Ambition Amplifier

Seth Godin wrote a piece last month entitled The internet as envy amplifier. While I can see where he’s coming from, I follow a different approach. I see the internet as an ambition amplifier. Of course there’s always someone better out there, and of course it’s easy to envy that person’s success. But isn’t it […]

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The Problem with Instant News, starring Osama bin Laden

Do you know how many tweets have gone out about Osama bin Laden since his death, roughly 30 hours ago? I’m going to go ahead and peg that number close to 100 million. Why? Because Twitter counted an average of 3440 tweets mentioning Osama per second for nearly 2 hours straight (source). That’s over 24 […]

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