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The Playbook is being Marketed to Fail

I don’t think this iteration of the BlackBerry Playbook will do very well, and I blame RIM’s marketing team. If you’re not sure what the Playbook is, let me explain — and thank you for proving my point. The BlackBerry Playbook is a tablet computer released last week by Research In Motion, the company behind […]

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aaand crash.

MIX was exhausting, but a whole lot of fun. The flight back was interesting because I was super-smart and booked a red-eye with two stopovers and about 7 hours of in-flight time. This meant staying up for nearly 30 consecutive hours and spending almost half that time in airports/on planes. Yeah. Exhausting. I met a […]

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Find me at MIX 2011!

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be in Las Vegas for MIX 2011. Follow along! As I’m there on behalf of my workplace, I’ll be blogging up a storm on the Macadamian blog. I’ll also be tweeting primarily under the company moniker, @macadamianlabs. It’s going to be awesome! I’ll be demonstrating the famous […]

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Creating Software isn’t a Job…

…It’s a lifestyle. I’ll explain why in a second, but first let’s get some context. Here are a couple of people that are in the wrong profession: The Super-Unhappy Engineer The Cargo-Cultist We’ll start with the engineer. If he were a character in The Wizard of Oz, I can tell you what the Wizard’s diagnosis […]

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The End of The Month

So, end of March. This was supposed to be Unbroken Promise Month, a thirty-one day period over which I resolve my outstanding debts for favours I’ve promised and never fulfilled. As I hinted earlier, this didn’t exactly go according to (my admittedly wildly ambitious) plan. I have novelty issues. The idea sounded so incredible in […]

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