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Unbroken Promise Month

I have a lot of interests. This can be really useful, because it ensures that I always have something fun to work on, but sometimes it can really bite me in the ass. In particular, when left to my own devices, I tend to take on more personal projects than I can handle. That’s been […]

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Productivity Hack: Small Victories

Do you ever wake up late for work? This happened to me the other day. And I mean late — it was 9:30 when I groggily reached for my clock to check the time. I went through the usual woke-up-late routine. I took the world’s fastest shower, grabbed some clothes off my floor, brushed my […]

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Meta Notes, Blogging Edition

I dislike doing meta posts, but I have a lot of news related to blogging and myself, and since this is my blog, well… Let’s get started: I’m now blogging regularly at work. More specifically, I contribute a post to our company blog every two weeks. I’ll mostly be writing high-level technical pieces (like the […]

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Just Browsing

I’m kind of picky about my browsers. Alright, that might be an understatement… I’m a browser whore. I use three different browsers every day at work, and several others at home. Two of them are beta versions. Even though I use Firefox at home and at work, I have completely different addons for each install. […]

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What Your 16-Hour Workday Says About You!

I came across this link many times over the past week. As a software developer, I’ve worked my share of 16-hour days. I’ll admit that I can’t argue everything on that list (I struggle with time management, for example), but I believe that long workdays often say a different set of things about someone. For […]

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