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Ottawa Google Hackathon Wrap-up

I spent my Saturday with some awesome people, hacking together an HTML5 webapp. We were at the Ottawa Google Hackathon; a Google-sponsored event held at the University of Ottawa. Here’s a run-down of how it went from my perspective: Free Bagels! This was the first thing I (everyone) saw when they walked in: a table […]

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The Golden Rule of Web Design Implementation, Part 2

This is part two of The Golden Rule of Web Design Implementation. In part one, we learned that pages aren’t views, and that thinking in terms of views is much more beneficial. Today we’ll wrap up our analysis by looking into development. As you may recall from Monday’s post, the Golden Rule is: The time […]

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The Golden Rule of Web Design Implementation, Part 1

Hi folks! Today’s post was so full of awesome that I had to split it in two. This is part one, about views. Part two is about development. Estimating is hard, and I hate doing it. But I have a trick. Specifically, I’m going to talk about how to estimate the implementation of a web […]

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“Newspapers Have No Future”

A tweet caught my eye this afternoon: I knew there was a fire nearby work this morning… Check out the video. than a minute ago via webSarah Tolledosarahtolledo Open the link and watch the video. Cars on fire are pretty cool, right? But do you know what amazed me even more? That video was […]

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Contact Forms are Totally Lame

Remember the mid-to-late 90’s? Music was awesome, there were less browsers to support, and people got spammed to death if they posted their email address online. Having your email address posted online was the worst thing that could happen to you. We didn’t have spam filters back then. You would get so much unmanageable spam […]

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Great Advice about New Year’s Resolutions

I didn’t want to do a post about resolutions this year because I wrote a great one that I still feel strongly about back in April 2010 called Make Every Day New Year’s Eve. But this is still a time when a lot of people do the introspection thing and come up with some goals […]

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Should You Support Classic Features or Should You Innovate?

A few months ago, the Internet Explorer team did a Q&A about IE9 via Reddit. While there were a few interesting items discussed, I almost did a spit-take when I saw this one: Why doesn’t IE have a built-in spellchecker? Are you kidding me? IE9 is going to ship without spellcheck? Ludicrous! I immediately thought […]

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