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Loose Ends

Fitting that on the last day of 2010, I have a few loose ends to wrap up. There were publicly-set goals that expire today, and ideas and targets that are currently in limbo. So let’s address all that: One Post Per Week A few days shy of a year ago, I decided to start posting […]

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All I Want for Christmas is a Mute Button

…for Twitter. Look, it’s not you. I like reading your updates, I always open your links, and I care about your coffee habits and your drive in this morning (I really do). But sometimes I just wish I could turn down the volume of messages that are flooding my stream, you know? Not all of […]

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No Love for <noscript>

I’m currently implementing a web front-end that has to work in a very secure environment. One of the things we can’t count on is that users will have JavaScript enabled, simply because it’s often a vector of attack on the web. While this has been a great learning experience overall, last Tuesday I learned a […]

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Re-Thinking Browser Buttons

A prediction: In the near future, browsers will no longer have stop and refresh buttons. Think about it. When the internet first started out, pages actually took a human-measurable amount of time to load. And with finicky dial-up connections, it wasn’t uncommon for a connection to completely drop in the middle of a page load. […]

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