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The Karma Experiment

I read a lot of blogs (probably too many). I try to interact with at least some of them, but usually the most I can do is muster the occasional comment on the latest post. I don’t really feel like I’m generally giving back to those blogs from which I learn so much. So this […]

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Windows Phone 7

The other day my boss walked up to my desk and asked me to choose a number between one and ten. I said four. He handed me an HTC Surround, a new handset running Windows Phone 7, and told me to try it out for the day. It was awesome. This is the first serious […]

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Security B-Sides Ottawa

I spent last Friday and Saturday at an information-security conference here in Ottawa. I had a really great time, and just in case you weren’t paying attention to my constant spamming via Twitter, here’s a slightly more cohesive summary of how it went down: What is Security B-Sides? Security B-Sides is a sort of unconference […]

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OCRI Fall 2010 Day 2

How Mentoring Works Welcome back to this semester’s OCRI updates. Back in October, we looked at how to kick off a project. Today we’ll talk about learning programming. Last Monday I visited All Saints High School here in Ottawa. The students there are creating Flash-based games for a class of grade 3 students at a […]

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More on Being Untouchable

I had a great conversation today with usability expert extraordinaire Francis Beaudet about Monday’s post on how to be untouchable, and I thought I’d keep the rest of you in the loop. Our discussion centered around a post from The 99 Percent entitled What Happened to Downtime. In it, the author discusses how before constantly-connected […]

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Motivation Hack: Be Untouchable

I had a busy summer/fall. I was on a lot of projects at work, plus writing blog posts, working on a whitepaper, speaking more than usual, buying a house… and there was something about a wedding in there, too. At times, this could get completely overwhelming. But I found a neat hack to ensure that […]

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Friday Update

I didn’t post anything about OCRI last Friday because I missed our OCRI session which was on the Monday (somehow I had Tuesday in my calendar). Anyway, next Friday we’ll be back on schedule with our every-two-week updates. Also, I wrote a post for the company blog today that you may find interesting: Why I […]

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How to Give Useful Advice

The internet is a fantastic resource for the budding web developer. With plenty of blogs dedicated to improving the web, new tips and best practices are spread easily and often. But is this advice always useful? The veteran web developers of the world have a responsibility to their community to provide advice that is not […]

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