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User Experience Begins at Step One

For this week’s post, I decided I would play around with the Internet Explorer 9 beta and post some initial thoughts. I’m a bit of a browser geek, and as I mentioned back in April, I’m excited about IE9. I imagined I’d have a great time exploring the support for HTML5 and CSS3, and playing […]

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Productivity Hack: Find Yourself a Canary

Back when mining was in its heyday, workers would bring a canary down into the mine with them. They did this because air quality within the mine could degrade and become poisonous, and this was an obvious risk to the health of the workers. So the canary was brought down to breath that same possibly-pernicious […]

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What Strippers can Teach us About Transparency

Recently, I spent a few fun days in Las Vegas. Since I’ve been back, many people have asked me what I thought of Vegas as a city, often with leading questions like: “Didn’t you find it kinda shady?” “Wasn’t it really gross?” “Isn’t everything there so fake?” The first two are rather boring; I had […]

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What Happens in Vegas…

…Stays there for a reason. (click image to enlarge)

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