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Don’t be a NAMCO

I noticed a disappointing post via Slashdot the other day; apparently Namco has decided to force MIT to remove a PacMan clone made in Scratch. At face value, that probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but that’s probably because you’ve never heard of Scratch. Allow me to explain. Scratch is the future […]

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Elsewhere: HTML5 and Browser Testing

I wrote a couple of posts for work last week: On our company tech blog, I examined a few different options for testing multiple versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. And on the main company blog, I’ve summed up the current state of HTML5. Hopefully those will be of interest to you if you’re into […]

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Be Your Own Ambassador

These days, your identity on the web can be quite broad. You might have a blog, you almost certainly have a Facebook account, you’ve probably at least heard of Twitter and LinkedIn, and at the very least, you watch YouTube videos and read other people’s blogs. To make things seem even more spread out, many […]

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