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How Much Longer will it Take?

Let’s talk about re-estimating software projects. Here is a situation I find myself in every now and then: Say I’m the lead/best/only developer on a project, and partway through that project, we realize that we’re going to miss an important deadline. My manager will come to me with a question that I absolutely dread: How […]

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The iPad Dilemma, Revisited

Back in early February, I lamented about how hard it was to decide if I wanted a Macbook or an iPad. At the time that I wrote the post, I had already waffled quite a bit on the issue, but the discussion in the comments led me to think that a Macbook was probably better […]

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Varied Goals: Not SMART, but Still Effective

I set a different kind of goal for myself this month, and it was pretty unconventional. It made me think of how we set goals, and more importantly, what kind of goals we’re encouraged to set. I’ll tell you about that goal a bit later on, but let’s start with the stuff you probably already […]

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Modern YouTube meets Retro Firefox

A quick bonus-Friday-post to help get your Friday rolling: I’m doing some web development at my day job for a site that simply must work in Firefox 1. It’s not as bad as it sounds (we’re also supporting IE6, which is a far bigger hassle) and every once in a while using a really old […]

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How to Make Use of Open Type Fonts (Windows)

For our upcoming wedding, my fiancĂ©e and I thought it might be neat to license a really awesome font and use it throughout the various texts inherent in this sort of event (invitations, place cards, thank you cards, etc). Using a designer font turned out to be a little more interesting than I expected, and […]

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