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How to Learn Twice as Much from Blog Posts

The trick is to read posts that are doubly-useful. Let’s look at a few examples: I’m a big fan of JD Roth’s Get Rich Slowly, a finance-tips-for-the-layman sort of blog. While I do appreciate the best practices and money hacks (I feel they help me develop and maintain good financial habits), I could get those […]

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Rules are Made to be Not Strictly Followed

A couple of things happened over the weekend that made me wonder about rules. More specifically, they made me wonder about why rules exist and how strictly rules should be enforced. Let’s look at these two stories and see if we come to the same conclusions. How I scored a free bus ride. On Saturday, […]

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Motivation Overflow

Let’s talk about motivation. I recently joined Stack Overflow (here’s my profile) and one of the things I noticed right away is how easy it is to spend time there. I think I’ve checked in every day since I joined, and in ten days I’ve already answered fifteen questions. Now, before we discuss whether or […]

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Ottawa High School Technology Program Winter 2010 Wrap-up

As some of you may recall, I volunteer with the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation in a program that aims to teach high school students how to develop real, working software. I’ve mentioned this before (in fact, I have an entire page dedicated to what I do with OCRI), but I haven’t really been […]

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