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What Photography and Programming have in Common

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to share with you a tale of two photographers. My fiancée and I were featured in a piece for our local newspaper a couple of weeks ago. The columnist wanted an image to accompany her content, so a photographer was sent to my apartment to take a photo of me […]

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Make Web not War

I spent yesterday in Montreal at Make Web not War. It was a really fun time, and I learned a lot of neat things and met some interesting people. I was tweeting about it a fair bit, as were many others, (#webnotwar was actually the top-trending topic in Canada for much of the day) but […]

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The Content-Sharing Problem

The rise of ubiquitous social networks has lead to a choice I often have to make: When I find something cool online, where do I share that content? In the pre-MySpace days, when social networks weren’t really a “thing”, the decision was easy because there were only a small handful of choices: you instant messaged […]

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iPads and Mondays

Yes, I missed this Monday’s post. This is only the second time since my New Year’s resolution that I’ve missed a Monday! I just wanted to assure all of you that I’m fine, it was just an exceptionally busy 7-day period from last Thursday to this Wednesday, which did not allow for a post to […]

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The Case for Hot Zones

This post is a playful reply to Marco’s thoughts on the iPad. I’m not trying to say that he’s wrong (he brings up a perfectly valid usability issue), just that there are two sides to every coin. Update: A more fleshed out version of my thoughts on this topic is available on my company blog. […]

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Software Bundles, Independent Developers, and More!

Over the weekend, I picked up the Humble Indie Bundle, a pay-what-you-want download for five six games created by independent developers. I love these bundles! I get a bunch of cool software, the developers get a lot of blog coverage/followers/supporters/fans (let’s just call it social capital), and a cut of the proceeds go to a […]

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How to Promote a Mall in the Year 2010

There’s a mall near my apartment called Billings Bridge. It’s a pretty nice place with a nice variety of stores, and up until about six months ago that’s all I would have had to say about it. But six months ago I started following their marketing director on Twitter, and since then I’ve come to […]

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