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Improving Performance in Flex and Scaling BlazeDS

I gave a talk today at work about Flex and BlazeDS, and in particular how to scale both to perform well during high-volume, real-time communication with a Java-based server (in the area of thousands of messages per second). Here are the most helpful bits from my presentation and the ensuing discussion: Stick to StreamingAMF. When […]

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And the Clocks Keep Unwinding

I haven’t prepared a “real” post for this week. Instead, I offer you an excuse, an idea and an interesting problem — unrelated, but in that order. I’m awful at writing exams. I wrote my Flex 3 with AIR ACE exam on Friday. I passed :) Unfortunately, this meant devoting every ounce of my being […]

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Bears, Skittles and Google Buzz

Google Buzz is like a laser gun that turns bears into Skittles. That’s what I tell people when they ask me about Google Buzz. Much to my surprise, even without any further explanation they’re often less confused than they were to begin with. That alone tells you something about Buzz (it’s purpose is murky at […]

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Why HTML5 Makes Sense for Mobile

These days there are more and more mobile devices that support rich software applications. Since the iPhone, we’ve seen the Blackberry, the Palm Pre and Android all start their own app stores, and surely Windows Phone 7 won’t be far behind. With all of these options, how do you decide which ones to develop software […]

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When not to Write a Post

This is the fourth (!) post I’ve written for today. The reason you aren’t seeing the first three is because the past couple of days have taught me a few valuable lessons about when you shouldn’t follow through on a post idea (even if it’s a really good idea), and I thought I’d share that […]

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