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An Excellent Use-Case for Google Wave

Yes, another post about being engaged (it’s kind of this week’s theme). I promise this will be the last one, at least for a while; there are just a lot of interesting thoughts coming out of planning a wedding. We’ll resume our regular totally-non-marital posts at one per week on Monday. I’ve been meaning to […]

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We Live in a Communication Age

Suppose the year is 1990, and you have some big news to share with those close to you and the world in general. How can you do it? There are a few ways: In person Over the phone In a mailed letter Through a printed announcement (say, in a newspaper) Fast forward to today, a […]

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I’m Engaged

(click image to enlarge)

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Why I don’t hate Internet Explorer 8 (not that I’d ever use it)

This week’s entry is a double feature about Internet Explorer. Part 1 examined why IE4 was awesome. Read on for part 2, where I’ll admit that I’m grateful for IE8. Let me start by saying that in general, I find Internet Explorer appalling. The fact that so many people have been supporting an insecure, slow, […]

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IE4 was the Best Version of Internet Explorer Ever

This week’s entry is a double feature about Internet Explorer. Read on for part 1, which examines why IE4 was awesome, then check out part 2, where I’ll admit that I’m grateful for IE8. I found an old CD at work the other day; it was an install disk for Internet Explorer 4 SP1 for […]

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iPhone OS 4.0 Predictions

This week’s entry is for the Apple fanatics, and iPhone owners (or potential iPhone owners) in particular. There was a post over at TUAW last week encouraging readers to weigh in on what may or may not be present in the forthcoming iPhone OS 4.0. I missed their deadline for submitting comments, but read on […]

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Opera vs Reality

2009 was an exciting year for the web browser crowd: Google released Chrome. Apple ported Safari to Windows. Firefox picked up a lot of market share. Microsoft actually produced a half-decent version of Internet Explorer. The iPhone and Android finally made mobile browsing popular. Support for HTML5 and CSS3 was way up across the board. […]

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One Post Per Week

Starting today, this blog will officially be updated on a weekly basis. This is a small step up in terms of how often I’m posting now, but it’s something I want to try. After all, it’s a new year and that’s a great time to experiment with new ways of doing things — as I’m […]

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